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A fictional story of love, conspiracy, and the human experience in 1880’s Victorian London...

The New American Musical

Heralding in a new era of American musicals, MCHM Musicals brings to you an original musical based on the Jack the Ripper mystery. MCHM's "Ripper" is not just a show based on the 1888 serial killings; "Ripper" is a tale of love withstanding the ravages of time, death, and judgment. Deeply routed in historical fact and context, MCHM's "Ripper" is a completely original story. "We have gone beyond the expected and delivered an original back-story to the Jack the Ripper slayings" said lead writer Michael Carach. "Our 'Ripper' transcends historical facts, and produces a thrilling theatrical experience."

"We did not set out to solve the mystery surrounding the Whitechapel murders of 1888, instead we focused on those peoples lives who were affected by those murders, and who took advantage of this unrest to fill their own personal agendas." said co-author and composer/lyricist Mark Hagan. "Their story needed to be told... We created a show that appealed to us as avid theatre goers. We love shows with a strong story, soaring ballads and deep character development, and 'Ripper' drives all of that home."

The Music

A Message from Jack; Seeing that my funny little letters are such a hit I thought I would send you another! Tis time instead of her ear or a bit of kidney, I’ve included something you’ll like all the better! You cannot touch it or taste it, but you can certainly hear and enjoy it all the same! Believe me when you do, it will leave you wanting more! Mind you this is just a juicy little sample of what great things are yet to come!! So let yer senses be teased and see for yerself the potential of Ripper!! Catch me if you dare!

MCHM Ripper The Musical Sample by NAJM 

"Streets of London" Concept Visualization

The Synopsis London 1888

Was it the beginning of the greatest cover up in the history of warring political factions? Over one hundred and nineteen years later, with millions of dollars spent on forensics, no conclusive finger has yet been pointed at any one suspect. Was Jack The Ripper a carefully executed plan of action by those in power, or simply the workings of a madman…?

Whitechapel 1888. The bodies of two brutally murdered prostitutes have been discovered. The now infamous serial killer Jack The Ripper has a vice-like grip on London. Investigations by local authorities provide no insight as to the motivation of the killer. Fearing a revolt against her ruling class, Queen Victoria has dismissed Whitechapel’s resident doctor and replaced him with her own personal physician.

Inquiries bring Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Simon Brandywine to the Crown & Claw, a pub owned and operated by Emma Waverly and her daughter Violet. In threat of foreclosure by landlord George Lyss, the pub has become a source for extortion with past secrets as the means. Social boundaries are crossed and class lines are quickly blurred when Simon and Violet profess a forbidden love that threatens to jeopardize an already eroding class system.

After a third victim is found, the populace of London panics. Brutal attacks begin to disrupt innocent lives while vigilantes try to bring the killer to justice. With a firm belief that local entrepreneur, George Lyss is financing the vigilance efforts, Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Lawrence Smyth is forced to threaten him with arrest. Thus begins a battle of wits between two men who share a dark secret that could threaten the Chief’s nomination to head London’s most elite organization. With Lyss holding the key that could expose the truth and with the much sought-after title of ‘Master’ of the Knights of London hanging in the balance, the Chief finds himself in a stalemate.

Matters are further complicated when the Royal Doctor insists that the Chief put an end to Simon’s budding relationship with Violet. The Chief cooperates with a plan that serves to protect those in power at the expense of those in need. Thus begins the ticking of a merciless clock. In a race to catch an elusive killer, each minute that passes means the loss of another life and a victory for those who are unjust and opportunistic.

Finding themselves as pawns in a twisted master plan, Simon and Violet discover that a curtain has risen on a macabre performance in which the setting is not as it seems and the players are not whom they seem to be:

Lyss…holding the deed to Emma and Violet’s future, he’s the scoundrel with a thirst for the power that only Ripper’s capture can provide, meanwhile hatching a plan that could usurp the Chief Inspector’s nomination as Master of the K.O.L; the Chief Inspector…compromising the investigation for the sake of preserving himself and protecting the secret that promises to destroy his career and social reputation; the Royal Doctor…having an individual pact with many but a loyalty to no one, he turns the tables on those involved, unmasking the face of his own dark motivations; Emma…the bitter woman whose own secret haunts her every move, causing alienation from the daughter she must protect; Violet…the heroine and ultimate target, whose death could serve a greater and darker purpose; Simon…the idealistic hero with the dedication and resolve to try and make everything right, who learns that a happy ending sometimes justifies drastic means.

With the belief that ‘love conquers all’ and with an expectation that ‘good will win over evil,’ Simon, Violet and Emma are forced to endure their present reality while accepting that their lives will never be the same. Ripper is an unabashed love story of mystery and intrigue that is as socially poignant now as it was then, making it a timeless musical thriller.

Ripper Demo vocals provided by: Michael Carach, Kristina Doctor, Jenny Gomez, Mark Hagan, Dawn Putzatello & Adrianna Zaballa. A warm thank you to all who contributed their voices to the demo!


NOTE: MCHM's "Ripper The Musical" is in no way associated with any prior production and/or 2009 reading of any musical entitled "Ripper."