MCHM Presents

A fictional story of love, conspiracy, and the human experience in 1880’s Victorian London...

A Letter from Jack...

Shall I introduce myself? I call myself Jack. You may not know how I came to be, or why I remain a mystery. I am just one of a handful of compelling characters that exists within a new musical that is sure to rival the extravaganzas of the past! Over six years in the making, MCHM's ‘Ripper’ is the collaboration of Mark Hagan and Michael Carach. With their lifelong passion for musical theatre that encourages inventive plots, well-developed characters and soaring ballads, they have brought to life a poignant theatrical experience…one that I have come to call ‘home.’ Do not be fooled! For although you’ll find that I am responsible for creating a macabre backdrop of mystery, it is the opportunistic actions of my fellow Whitechapel residents that may surprise you! Within my world there also exists love and compassion, enabling those less fortunate to overcome the miseries of a time and place that is riddled with corruption, poverty and oppression. That, my friends, is a story worth telling! -Jack

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Cast of Character's

SIMON BRANDYWINE: A man of his word, this 27 year old Detective Inspector values truth and honor over all else. Tall and handsome, Simon exudes authority with a mission to protect. Still quite young with not enough experience to have become jaded, his demand for honesty and justice is what allows him to become the Hero of this story. With a disdain for social class structure and an expectation that everyone conduct themselves according to appropriate professional standards, Simon lives life without caution, sometimes seemingly a maverick in a world demanding obedience and order.

VIOLET WAVERLY: Pretty as a flower, 25 year old Violet is everything that heroines are made of. Tall and brunette, her beauty is the captivating element that allows her to stand apart from the gloom of her environment. While being somewhat accustomed to the adult life that is her reality, Violet still possesses the childlike naivete of a girl that has just blossomed; her sexual innocence the cause for a blush at the notion of a kiss. Although at times timid and nervous, her innate determination to overcome the pitfalls of life has prevented her from developing her mothers attitude, while allowing her to look past the dinge of Whitechapel to a place offering peace, brightness and hope.

EMMA WAVERLY: Upon a face that was once beautiful, Emma wears her lifelong experiences of pain, anger and bitterness like a mask. Short in height and plump around the middle, this outspoken 45 year old woman speaks with a Scottish brogue born of poverty and lack of education. Emma thinks she is wise to life’s tricks while viewing the world through black-colored glasses. She has mastered the art of keeping her heart well-guarded, allowing her to be brash and forthright in feeling and opinion. Although at times her attitude can seem unreasonable, deep down is a heart as big as the Thames, projecting an overwhelming and sometimes overbearing love for her daughter Violet.

CHIEF INSPECTOR LAWRENCE SMYTHE: Very tall and very imposing, the Chief Inspector wears dignity upon his person. Sporting a white beard upon a strong chin, he uses authority and power to intimidate. Commanding respect from subordinates, the Chief Inspector exudes tremendous confidence from years of experience. Over confidence is often a problem for Lawrence Smythe and it sometimes borders on pomposity, alienating everyone involved with the case. His struggle between the desire for more power and the need to maintain a sense of duty is a visible one, creating a conflict that is external as well as internal.

ROYAL DOCTOR (SIR WALTER GALL): An elitist to the core, the Royal Doctor’s disdain for the lower-classes is matched only by his obvious distaste for insubordination. Using his own power to manipulate everyone involved, this man’s true nature shines through. He is a no-nonsense character with the focus and determination to get things done his way. His method of speech would suggest good breeding and a privileged life. Nothing stands in the Royal Doctor’s way when it comes to getting what he wants.

GEORGE LYSS: If the Royal Doctor is a shovel when it comes to things standing in his way, then Lyss is a whirling dervish! Vile to the core, George Lyss is greed personified. Tall, imposing and sporting a pony-tail that is not quite the times, his outward appearance acts to symbolize the outlaw inside. Coming from nothing but seemingly something, Lyss walks the streets of Whitechapel as if he owns them. His quest for power and prestige are his motivating factors and money is his God.

JEANETTE: With her head in the clouds and her eyes on the stars, Jeanette is the hopeful ingenue representing all that life should be at a time when life is everything but bearable. At a timid 20 years old and with a beauty masked by the stresses of Whitechapel life, Jeanette epitomizes every person who has been confronted with impossible odds while trying to realize their goals and dreams.

ELIZABETH: A prostitute with the experience to match her attitude. With a self-confidence built on her well-paid reputation, Liz takes control of every situation. Her strength of character spawns her ability to play matron to the other girls, giving guidance to those who need it.

CATHERINE: “When I’m on professional name’s Catherine!” This says it all. With a mind and spirit to make money, Kate believes that her “work” is a world-apart from her reality. Her crassness and dirty sense of humor are mere veils to the vulnerability that undoubtedly lies beneath.


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